• Dani La Barrie, LCSW, CAP

How to Keep Moving Forward When You’re Fighting Your Battle Alone

Updated: Oct 28, 2018

"Dare to be a Danielle. Dare to stand alone. Dare to have a purpose true. Dare to make it known." - My Dad

It's not easy walking the journey of life, fighting our battles alone. Actually, I think it's one of the hardest things in life, taking the path alone. HOWEVER, it is in walking this path, you become wise. In walking this path you become strong. People will say, "I don't know how you do it," and we think 'because we have no other option.'

Despite having everything on the outside, sometimes you may feel like there's a void; inner demons or battles you're fighting with. And even though other people care about you and try to help, only you know exactly how you feel.

Some of those demons can be: depression, anger, anxiety, resentment, low self worth, loneliness, addiction, a break up, or the death of a loved one (just to name a few examples...the list is not limited to this).

Even when you feel weak, remember it takes strength to stand alone.

So now what, Dani??

My action step suggestions:

1. Take care of your basic needs as best as you possibly can. Getting enough sleep, showering, eating as healthy as you possibly could. It's easy to fall into not taking care of these things, but you'll end up feeling worse if you don't.

2. Reframe your perspective. I know this sounds a little ridiculous when there is a sh*t storm going on. But really try to identify as best as you can any lessons you could take away from your experience(s).

3. Listening to music. Sounds cheesy, but listening to music has helped me get through some REALLY unpleasant emotions. It's only helpful if you're selective with your songs though. A few of my own personal suggestions:

4. Be a warrior, not a victim. Even though it's easier (and addicting) to be a victim, it's empowering to be a warrior and will serve you more effectively in the long run.

5. One day, or step, at a time. Literally. When I get completely overwhelmed and anxious I take everything one MOMENT at a time.

6. Lean on support. - Whether with a support group or with a therapist. Asking for help takes strength, not weakness. And if you're experiencing feelings of harming yourself or others, immediately call 911. Here is a list of helplines you could also contact.

love always,


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