• Dani La Barrie, LCSW, CAP

7 Ingredients for Mind, Body, and Spirit Healing

Updated: Oct 28, 2018

Balance is not something you find, it's something you create.

I'm a proponent of the idea if there is a healthy balance between physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health then there won't be a need to engage in an Affinity (or at least provide some harm-reduction).

The following is a list of principles I've identified that will kick start a healthy balance you can easily begin to implement immediately:

1. Self Awareness & Focus

- Having awareness of the things that upset you or set you off (also known as triggers). Identifying what creates emotions like stress, anger, and depression for you.

- Meditating regularly / Praying often. Connecting with your higher power (or spirituality or Higher Self...whatever your belief system is). Practicing the Law of Attraction, positive thinking.

2. Mastering Your Mind

- Practice Acceptance. As the cliche goes, 'what we resist, persists.' We cannot begin a journey of healing until we can practice acceptance.

- Keep in mind, events lead to thoughts, thoughts lead to feelings, and feelings lead to actions. Repeated actions then turn into behaviors.

3. Visualization: we all create interpretations based on what we see (or our perspective). Keep this in mind if you're experiencing stressful, worrisome thoughts. Practice visualization; this is a powerful tool of the mind.

4. Belief System: What are your beliefs? What do you have faith in? Also, surround yourself with positive people and fill your environment and lifestyle with things like inspirational and motivation books, videos, etc. Utilizing positive affirmations to support you in keeping you grounded and centered.

5. Attitude of Gratitude: Practice being grateful for the things you have. Regularly writing them down or making a conscious effort to identify them in your head (if you just can't stand to write).

6. Practice relaxation: Techniques such as deep breathing and meditation have shown to make a difference to people's mental and spiritual states of mind.

7. Letting Go of Resentment: Resentment is like a poison to your soul. Even though it might feel good to seek someone out and get revenge, it only hurts your frequencies to hold on to it. Forgiving others has more to do with you, your spiritual health, and your soul more so than the other person.

Try these principles out if you don't already have them in your daily practice and let me know your thoughts :)

love always,


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