I Am Worth It

A Journal/Workbook for Women with an Affinity

  • 44 Beautifully created pages

  • Exercises that invite supportive introspection

  • Experience breakthroughs 

  • Develop insights into negative behaviors

  • Begin to create a strong foundation of abstinence from your Affinity

"Every woman needs this workbook regardless of if they are struggling with addiction or not, it's amazing!! I wish I had had access to it when I first got sober it's absolutely juicy with content. I think having permission to not do things in order or a certain way and as women to instead check in with ourselves and our intuitions is such a valuable tool and this workbook gives that and so much more." 


- Cali D.

"I have known Dani for well over ten years. I have known her not only professionally but also as a close friend. I have seen her grow professionally and she has really made it her passion to help others. She is a very genuine and well rounded person. There are not enough women out there helping and encouraging other women to become their better self. This journal will not only have you walking away feeling inspired but you will also walk away with the right tools in your hand to actually become the woman you are meant to be." 


- Carrie Blanchard,

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

"I was so impressed not only with the delivery and the look but the whole thing is just so well thought out and put together. I can tell Dani put her heart and soul and many many hours creating it. I truly believe that her course will help those women in need struggling with addictions, depression, and anxiety, and find a more enlightened path and fulfill their dreams. I look forward to seeing what Dani will create in the future." 


- Marilyn Brenner

BA - Business Management

Briarcliffe College, Bethpage, NY

"This is a fantastic journal filled with thought-provoking exercises focused on nurturing your self-growth. Get ready to discover your inner beliefs and transform your reality!" 


- Angelica Coronel, M.S

"Wow! This workbook is comprehensive and thought provoking. As a busy practitioner, I am often putting myself last; this workbook provides a holistic approach to self assessment, in a manageable format that helps me carve out time for reflection and self-improvement. Amazing work, Dani!" 


Crystal Colina, MSW, LCSW, MCAP

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"Dani has helped me realize the potential I have to live a happy, successful life. She is an inspiration to all. She met me where I was at and encouraged me to become the best version of myself. She is one of the most genuine and caring people I have met on my journey to recovery. I would not have the outlook on life I do today if it wasn't for her help. She has been an absolute blessing in my life. If you have the opportunity to work with her, I highly recommend you take it."

—  Katie W.


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